Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st dream.MAC.

i will be the happiest person if i can get it for this comin Eid.sigh*
pape pown,I WISH I CAN BUY THEM ONE DAY especially for the eyeshadow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

dreezy's birthday!

15 august 2010.
His birthday.
i'm home but i cant meet him because i've got fever and he's at Dungun.
rase sgt bersalah x dpt jupe dye..;(

then,that night he requested to skype with me.
so,we skype together until 12 am.
then,his mom called.
at that moment,i text paiz to get ready for the card.

12.15 am,paiz gave him the card.
tp,line skype x clear so sy x dpt tgk dye cmne time dpt card tu.
yg sy dgr,'ape ni?haahhh?'

then,when the wbcm was back to normal,i saw him read the card with smile.
he was speechless.
he look at me and smile again.
he told me that he never expected me to gave him the card.

actually,he doesn't want anything so i just gave him the card with our pictures.
okay la kan?
walaupon agak jiwang..hahah..

pape pown,happy birthday syg..
sweet 20..;)

sorry yeah x dpt jupe.
ade mase kita jupe lg.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


kembali lg ke serambi madinah a.k.a terengganu yg tercinta..

smlm saat yg sgt memeritkan..
3 kali muntah dlm bus..
eurgghhhh sakit sgt rasenye mcm nk pengsan..
dgn pening,bdn panas,aircond ats muka....
sampai menangis2 aku..haha..

bila smpai umah,badan makin panas.
rae nk muntah lg tp aku tahan sbb tak nak batal puasa.
then aku g tido kejap.

kul 10,bgn..
tlg ma prepare bahan nk masak then study fud and beverage sbb ade test..

ptg,bukak puasa ramai2 dgn sume sanak sdare sempena ang nk pegi overseas this wednesday.

pastu solat ramai2,ayah chik jd imam.
best sgt sbb dpt solat same2..;)

then buat suprise kat abg ijan sempena bday dye yg ke 28..
kecoh gile umah.hoho.

i wish i can turn back the time again.

badan x sihat,family dekat..
rase mcm tak nak balik...
tp,penang memanggil pulang mlm esk..

pape pown,aku hepi sgt dpt balik..
thx to all my familia.
te amo mucho mucho muahhhh xoxoxo!

Monday, August 2, 2010

ohhh yeah yeah...;)

perfect two by akimazing.haha.thx syg.

see you my other half we could make a perfect circle,
you can be my guardian and i can be your angel,
I thought I never settled but you've changed my way of thinkin,
my life could be a quest and babe you make me trippin,
and now u get me hooked baby you my perfect catch,
you keep my fire burning baby you my perfect match,
they say nobody's perfect and I say that myth is dumb,
They trying to deny but my solution is overcome.