Saturday, November 16, 2013


I wanna study abroad or getting a job in overseas.

Only God knows how jealous I am to see half of my high school friends get a good life in overseas. Dublin, London, Egypt, Manchester, Melbourne etc. Of course, there's so much challenges to live in people countries. Yet, I want to face those challenges. Its not that I don't happy or bersyukur with what I have now, but...I want to be different, I want to be a part of them. A different people.

Few of my lecturers also continue their Masters in overseas. All of them post the pictures here and there. Not only them, even I am jealous to see my own sister and brother where they had a chance to study abroad, London and Pittsburgh, USA. Why can I be a part of them? Can I have their genius mind? Can I? Can I? Huhu...

Well, apart from it, I do happily continue my degree level here, Puncak Alam, Malaysia. Another year to finish up my Hotel Management Degree. Hopefully everything goes well as I am eagerly to have a job in overseas. I need to push up more. No more kitty kitty attitude.

Well, for the moment, I kinda miss my home in London. Almost a year I'm back here. Yet, those 3 months in spent there bring lots of memories to me.

Fi Hifzillah.

Sentiasa dalam doaku..

Moga kau terus sihat selalu, dipanjangkan umur untuk terus bersujud kepadaNya, mencari rezeki dan mengumpul secebis ilmu di bumi Allah yang besar ini.

Sentiasa dalam doaku..

Moga engkau dan aku terus ada dalam sebuah persahabatan yang kita bina, walau kiranya sekarang jalinan persahabatan ini renggang, namun aku akan terus lengkapkannya dengan senyuman dan doa..

Sentiasa dalam doaku..

Moga kau tidak jauh dari aku, walau dalam doa, aku mahu. Hanya itu yang aku mahu.

Agar engkau tahu, aku merinduimu wahai sahabatku...
Walau perasaan itu takkan lebih dari............
Namun aku tetap bersyukur, adanya kamu sebagai sahabatku..
Sungguh aku bersyukur..
Kerana sedikit sebanyak kau buat aku buka mata, tentang semuanya..

Hanya untuk kamu, M.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sanah Helwah Fatin.

Its my birthday. 1st of November.

On that night before reaching 12 am, me and 8 others classmates went to watch Thor as we love so much the superhero movies. First person that wishing me face to face was Mark because he sat next to me hahaha. And the first person who wish through bbm was Muktafi, my schoolmate. Through WhatsApp, my brother, Ang. Through FB message was Megat even he just said I'm old already -,-. And through voicenotes were my housemates. You know, I felt very happy. Even it was just a plain wish, but I was happy. I smile all the time whenever I reached the wishes from family and friends. And and, before we were back home, we stop to have a supper + breakfast haha. And Hairee belanja me yayy!

On my birthday, we had QMT test. And after we finished the test, Farhan called me to the stairs. He said he wanted to talked to me. So I said okay la. I followed him. At that time almost all my classmates were there. And all of sudden they all sang to me a Happy Birthday song. I was shocked and....rasa malu betul masa tu, tak tahu kenapa. Maybe because all of them looked at me kot. And Abu finished that song with screaming to me. It was loud Abu -,-. hahaha. And really, I appreciated their wishes! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY CLASSMATES! 

That petang, someone, well, I would like to say my 'secret close friend' sent me a very nice song through email. He himself made that cover and it was fantastic! I really love it! Thanks! =)

Kucai and Saini sent me to Subang. Before that, we ate at Burger Bakar Abang Burn. Once again, Saini belanja me yayy! And then I went home. Fly to Terengganu.

What I wanna say, I'm 22 years old now. Another year getting me more matured, have to think more about future, have to know that life is a race. I'm a girl, and I have to take care of myself. Must take care of others feelings too. Less bighead. Less jokes. Be a good girl Fatin. Not a child. 

Teruslah bersujud padaNya, mengucap syukur di atas kepanjangan usia yang diberikan, memohon agar terus sihat, dimurahkan rezeki dan mendapat jodoh yang baik insyaAllah. Terima kasih Allah atas kebahagiaan dengan kurniaan keluarga dan rakan-rakan yang sangat baik di sisiku..