Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Here I am. Not going back to Tganu.
Konon2 study week should stay here and study. Nah..... -,-

Well, I've got 2 nephews in December (anak sepupu).
Zafran Anas and Muhammad Adam Ammar. Yayy can't wait to see you both darlings!

And guess what?
Firhan is going back to Malaysia on 9th Jan. Yihaa! But I can't meet him on that day since I'm in final paper. So, I will meet him after the final paper and stay at Bangi about 2 days. Just for him and sister. Mueheheee... 11 months I don't cuddle him, kiss him, annoy him, yeah,its time! Darling, be prepared, cikshu is coming! hahahaha.

Going to have 7 final papers. All the killer paper has only one day gap. -,- Siapa laa yg susun jadual ni. Hmm.
All exams will be held at DP4 which I don't know where is it.

I have heart.
And....I have love.
I have heart again.
And....I have love.

Hahahah okay bye.

Wish me luck guys!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 14.

Week 14. Yeah, you know what it is. The last week for semester 4. All the lecturers wants to complete the final projects and test 2 or the subject. Merana wei! 8 subjects. All tests and presentations. All I can do is, do the best, tawakal, and hope for the best.

Maybe semester ni we got SO MUCH events. So that we rarely focusing on the subjects. Bandung, Berkhatan, all this and that, yes, its extremely make me tired but its fun! Honestly I enjoy myself with my fellow classmates. With all these events, it makes us more close. And truthfully, it makes me sad to think that I just only have another year with them. 

Okay,back to topic. Tomorrow we got QMT test. The day after tomorrow we got final presentation for Travel & Tour Project (Bandung). We have to present the reports,slides, brochure and video that we make to promote Bandung. And in the evening, presenting Hotel Design & Layout subject which where we rendering all the hotels from the hotel that we draw in Google Sketchup. Oh my, Google Sketchup drive me crazy! I ask my engineer friend, dia cakap senang je. What?! Senang? Saya mcm nak pecah kepala main pusing situ zoom sini. Hahahah.

Okay wish us luck kay! And all the for you all too! Final is coming bebeh!